Do You Deliver?
Yes we deliver in Glasgow and the surrounding area.Due to increased fuel costs,however,we do charge for this service.Ask us and we can tell you the price.
For more distant deliveries we recommend 'Shipley' and other online delivery services.Remember,when you contact your shipper we suggest that you let them know that it would be a 'part load' as this is a cheaper rate for transporting your goods.Don't forget to always ask the delivery company about insurance to cover your delivery.
Are All The Lamps And Lights Rewired?
Of course!We tend to use modern,reproduction cloth-covered flex to complement our period lighting.
How Often Do You Get New Stock?
We are constantly buying and we bring in new stock every week.There is always something new to see.
Is The Cat Still Alive?
Thankfully Callum,who lives in a flat above the shop,is still alive.Now twenty years old,arthritic and deaf,he occasionally graces us with a visit to supervise and cast his expert eye over the stock before tucking into a hearty meal!He has been our boss for many years...and we're still waiting for our wages!!